We are starting this blog so customers can see the level of work we undertake on cars and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we do not cut corners. Many of our customers buy cars blind and have them shipped abroad or delivered up the country and we know ourselves that this can be a bit of a gamble!

We recently bought a car blind and we were told 2 years ago an extensive restoration had been carried out, bills and receipts were there for thousands of pounds spent- re-chroming, engine rebuild, full respray, re-wiring, new interior etc etc.

Well, the car arrived and true to their word the receipts were present however, the state of the car showed that despite the money being spent it clearly was nowhere near our standard of restoration. The windows had not been removed prior to the respray and the car was not sufficiently prepped making the paint bubble in some places and sink in others. The window surrounds were covered in over spray and ultimately it made the car very tatty and worth thousands less than we had initially thought it would sell for.

So, we decided to make sure our customers understand the Trojan Cars standard of work.

We will regularly be updating this blog with past and current restoration projects.

Please note: We only restore our own stock, you can buy restored cars, bikes and scooters from us but we do not undertake other peoples work because we don’t have the time or space.

Enjoy the blog!

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